Human Resources Support

CEO Performance ReviewsDevelopment of KPI’s, liaison with the Board/ Council/ Committee; collection of data; development of reports and feedback to CEO and Chair. A Personal Development Plan and a performance link to bonuses can also be developed.

Psychometric Assessment Using contemporary psychometric tools, information is interpreted by organisational psychologists and can be used for recruitment and selection, career development and performance purposes.

Corporate Services and Infrastructure Reviews and Strategy Development Assisting organisations to cope with rapid growth through the provision of temporary relief in areas such as HR, as well as assistance in developing strategies to allow organisations to meet increasing infrastructure demands in corporate services.

HR Policy and Procedures (including Injury Management and OHS)Utilised by developing businesses who do not have the current capacity, Pace National can provide assistance in developing HR systems that comply with contemporary practices.

Mediation and Conflict resolution Workplace conflict can result in increased staff turnover, attendance issues, increased industrial and workers compensation claims, as well as poor productivity. Pace National employs experienced mediators who are skilled in resolving issues that  prevent organisations from moving forward, from the boardroom through to management and staff.