Psychology Services

Mental health issues in relation to workplace injuries and incidents are increasingly an area requiring informed and skilled psychological intervention. Pace National provides services across all workers’ compensation systems, as well as services and strategies directly to employers. Our clinical psychologists are well versed in Workers’ Compensation issues.

How can I set up Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at my workplace?

At Pace National we tailor our EAP services in accordance with what works for your organisation and employees. Our expert consultants are available to work with you to determine your needs and priorities with respect to organisation needs, size, budget and individual performance. Please feel free to contact our team to discuss different options further.

If I am an employee accessing EAP how is my confidentiality maintained?

Regardless of the method via which the employee comes to Pace National, the confidentiality associated with the provision of counselling services funded by the employer is an essential ingredient to ensure employees feel comfortable in utilising services when they need to. Thus, the names of clients (where a self-referral or an informal referral takes place), and the information shared in counselling sessions must remain confidential. Their details are not available to any outside party, including their own organisation. If a client requests certain information to be made available to an external party, then such requests will be allowed so long as written and signed consent is received from the client. All information is sent and stored securely. Pace National has thorough confidentiality and privacy policies and procedures. In cases where there is danger to the client or others, Pace National would follow our processes to ensure duty of care obligations are met including notification of relevant authorities or other key parties.

How would I know if my Employer provides EAP services?

If you are unsure if your employer has access to EAP services, you may want to consult with your Human Resources Department, your manager or review documentation that was provided during your induction.

Can I access counselling through a Mental Health Care Plan?

We can assist with providing psychological counselling assistance through our partner business Discover Wellbeing. We accept Mental Health Care Plans referred from General Practitioners or Psychiatrists. We also can assist with Private health fund rebates.

Visit Discover Wellbeing website for more information.