What is an Approved Workplace Rehabilitation Provider?

Approved Workplace Rehabilitation Providers, such as Pace National, have the qualifications, experience and expertise to maintain injured workers at work, or return them to work following an injury. The costs of their services are covered within your workers’ compensation claim.

What are my obligations in the return to work process?

Injured workers should fully participate and cooperate with their employer, medical practitioner and rehabilitation provider in the development of a return to work program.

Click here for more information on Pace National’s return to work services.

My rights as responsibilities as an injured worker

As an injured worker it is your responsibility to complete the following (Link to WorkCover WA):

  • Report your injury to your employer as soon as possible
  • Obtain a First Medial Certificate from your treating doctor
  • Check with your treating health provider/s about payments under their Workers Compensation policy
  • Complete your Workers Compensation claim form
  • Give your claim form and medical certificate to your employer and if requested, attend a medical appointment
  • Participate fully in the return to work process
  • Provide your employer with 7 days written notice if you commence working with another employer

For more information, please visit WorkCover WA.