Privacy Policy

Workplace rehabilitation providers are bound by privacy legislation and must treat all information obtained as a workplace rehabilitation provider as confidential. This means that any information we collected about you can only be used for the purpose of assisting you with your support needs.

Pace National maintains safe and secure information management systems, both electronic and hard copy. Pace National may only release information related to your rehabilitation program with your authority. This is required before we can start supporting your needs. The only other time we are permitted to disclose information is if we are legally requested to do so or if it is necessary for:

  • reducing or preventing a serious or imminent threat to an individual’s life, health or safety, or preventing a serious threat to public health or safety
  • preventing, detecting, investigating, prosecuting or punishing of criminal offences and other breaches of the law that attracts a penalty
  • preventing, detecting, investigating or remedying of seriously improper conduct or proscribed conduct