Organisational Consulting

Recruiting, retaining and developing the right people can enhance individual, team and organisational performance and assist in achieving your strategic business objectives. At Pace National, our experienced and skilled consultants focus on:


  • Ensuring consistency between individual values and those of the organisation. Congruency in values in one of the most significant predictors for organisational and team fit
  • Aligning values, skills, knowledge and experience with the organisations needs and objectives now and in the future. Flexibility for change is a key indicator in retention research
  • Sourcing and assessing the best talent available in the employment market both locally and internationally


  • Developing competency frameworks and “Success Factors” that provide a clear expectation of leadership performance
  • Understanding the culture and climate of your business and how to enhance employee satisfaction
  • Assistance in developing fair and equitable bonus/ incentive structures aligned with performance against competency frameworks


  • Developing employees, your organisation’s human assets, in existing roles and towards future opportunities
  • Outlining frameworks for succession planning
  • Assessing the strengths and areas for development for leaders
  • Recommending development opportunities for individuals, teams and tiers


  • 360 degree feedback with key stakeholders against agreed KPIs and competencies. Pace National delivers tailored solutions through experienced psychologists aimed at aligning outcomes with the organisation. We do not provide off the shelf products expected to meet all businesses needs.
  • Assistance in providing constructive feedback to enhance performance

Pace National understands how important it is to make the right decisions about people. Decisions should be informed, based on sound evidence and assisted with expert advice.

Pace National consultants collect information through valid and reliable tools developed in organisational psychology. We utilise these tools as resources in delivering a tailored and targeted result that meets the needs of your business now and in to the future. Typical approaches include:

  • Behaviourally based discussion/ interviews,
  • Psychometric assessment and
  • Supervisor/ Peer/ Report/ Customer Reviews eg referee reports, 360 degree feedback

Our people are industry experts who can demonstrate success in transforming businesses and assisting people find the right fit.

To deliver on our core services, Pace National has assembled a highly experienced and well qualified team of professionals with extensive industry experience. All our people are highly respected and tenacious in their desire to meet and exceed client expectations. Our experience sets us apart.