Company Profile

Our purpose

‘To inspire people and organisations to take positive action, talk to each other, make good decisions and to be empowered to succeed.’


Our approach

Build strong relationships and open communication between key stakeholders

Coach and facilitate individuals to explore options and make good decisions

Ensure our staff are well resourced, well developed and well supported

Share our knowledge and experience with clients and customers

Take into account the broader issues and help people and businesses to think beyond the immediate


Our Focus

Being meaningful, individualised and solution focussed

Effecting sustainable and positive change

Fostering self sufficiency in individuals and business

Improving communication and collaboration

Facilitating mutually beneficial outcomes

Building and developing our team

Providing meaningful career opportunities

Maintaining and improving upon the systems and professions within which we operate

Working with integrity and authenticity


Our Values

Teamwork & Collaboration – listening to and respecting others views whilst working together to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes

Honesty & Integrity – Keeping to one’s word, promises and agreements and being open and honest in all of our dealings with employee’s, colleagues, customers and clients

Continuous Improvement – the desire and ability of the business to develop and incorporate ways to improve itself

Communication – open, frank, clear, frequent, accurate and timely internal and external communication

Respect – conducting our relationships with others constructively and respecting others as equals and individuals

Belief – having a genuine belief in the value of what we do