What is a Suitable Duties Register?

Suitable Duties Register

A Suitable Duties Register is an early intervention tool that documents individual job tasks within a role to assist with return to work programs following a workplace injury. The register will document the physical demands of each job task to enable full understanding of the injured workers role and subsequently create a suitable Return to Work Program with the employer and treating medical team.

Other organisational benefits of a Suitable Duties Register can include:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Fitness for work assessment
  • Recruitment and inductions
  • Work method training
  • Job task Analysis
  • Return to work programs following an injury to show “suitable duties” that the worker can perform within their role
  • Reduced Lost Time Injuries

The register has an array of photographs of each job task and is bound manually so that employers and doctors can visualize tasks in each role. Examples of Return to Work Programs are included in the register and can be taken to the injured workers doctor for ease of creating a Graduated Return to Work Program.

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