Workplace Rehabilitation

Pace National is a Nationally Accredited Workplace Rehabilitation Provider (WRP) with Workover WA. Pace National staff are passionate about helping individuals and organisations in their efforts to assist staff back to work as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

“Workplace rehabilitation is a managed process involving early intervention with appropriate, adequate and timely services based on assessed need, and which is aimed at maintain injured or ill employees in, or returning them to, suitable employment” (National Occupational Health and Safety Council)

Pace National provides a range of general and specialised workplace rehabilitation services aimed at supporting the needs of employers and injured workers. Our service delivery model involves the provision of a designated, experienced rehabilitation consultant who is responsible and accountable for coordinating services designed to achieve safe, cost effective and durable outcomes for both employers and injured workers.

Early intervention, the provision of appropriate and meaningful duties and the collaborative engagement of key parties (worker, employer, medical, insurer, other) in implementing an injured workers’ return to work, significantly reduces the duration and associated costs of claims.

Pace National uses a comprehensive, evidence-based assessment process to consider all aspects that may impact on the return to work process. This includes building strong, collaborative relationships between key parties and to achieve realistic, durable, and cost-effective outcomes. To achieve this, Pace National incorporates the following key aspects into their process;

  • Initial Assessment: accurate identification of risks and needs and use of evidence-based assessments
  • Return to Work Planning: aimed at ensuring the return to work is both safe and sustainable for the injured worker and their employer
  • Communication and Consistent Implementation: consistent, collaborative, individualized and solution focused
  • Review and Evaluation: continuous review process to allow evaluation of the effectiveness of outcomes, costs and impacts to ensure the service is meaningful, of value and goal orientated
  • Durable Return to Work / Outcomes: maximizing return to work through sustained outcomes for the worker and employer wherever possible