Coaching and Mediation

Coaching Professional development is a crucial plank in not only ensuring the performance of staff, but in attracting and retaining key talent. Training in itself is often ineffective in guaranteeing knowledge transfer, and so other means are required to ensure the development of key talent within organisations. Pace National employs highly skilled organisational and counselling psychologists with extensive business experience who provide coaching services to managers and executives who are identified as those who are being groomed for future promotion or who require assistance in coping with their current role. Pace National provides flexible coaching plans to suit a range of circumstances.

Mediation There are sometimes circumstances in which an external party is required to assist in resolving a disagreement or a dispute in the workplace, or where a work relationship has deteriorated to the point where communication between the parties has become difficult or impossible. In such circumstances, the employer needs to take care that they are observing their obligations in terms of not exposing employees to overly stressful circumstances in the workplace. If they are having difficulty resolving the issue on their own, which is not uncommon, then seeking the input from an independent third party to act in a mediation role to assist the parties to work through the issues is often a valuable method of breaking the stalemate. Pace National employs highly skilled and experienced psychologists with many years’ experience providing mediation services. This process generally involves an initial interview with the referrer, and then an initial meeting with each of the parties before making a recommendation on how to proceed