Specialised Employee Assistance Counselling

Specialised client programs, and supported Employee Assistance Counselling Programs (EAP) offer supported employees the opportunity to develop coping skills associated with regular change and life events as well as developing a greater sense of personal responsibility. EAP assists employees through personal confidential counselling support to address issues related to work, family, self and relationships. EAP counselling is free and often offered to both the employee and their immediate family members.

For people with disability who work within the open workforce or Australian Disability Enterprises, EAP is both an employee benefit and an employment equalising opportunity. Employers who offer EAP are more likely to be considered employers of choice.

Provision of EAP for employees, regardless of the presence of a disability, is a strong contributor towards best practice access and inclusion priorities.

One of the primary benefits of EAP for Employers (Employee Assistance Programs) is the avoidance of escalation. Escalation can occur as a result of workplace conflict, responses to workplace change and critical incidents. All of these scenarios exist in any workplace and the management of such, through the provision of counselling tailored for people with disability, can help improve workplace productivity and reduce the costs associated with dealing with workplace incidents.