Occupational Therapy Services

The disability sector is increasingly encouraging of people with disability living independently or as independently as possible within their home environment. Pace National’s Occupational Therapists have worked extensively with people with disability, supporting them to maintain their independence and access support services and equipment through Independent Living Assessments and support networks.

Independent Living Assessments – also benefit care organisations through the minimisation of risks associated with injury and overdependence. Workplaces offer another means of increasing independence through the application of modifications and equipment which subsequently improve productivity and performance.

Disability Access and Inclusion Assessments – Pace National’s expert staff possess specific experience with disability access and inclusion and can assist business meet their Federal and employment obligations in ensuring a high standard of access and inclusion. Assessment can include physical access compliance such as a person’s ability to enter, exit and travel around in buildings, public or private spaces as well as other access requirements including communication and media, customer service and organisational culture.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Assessments – Pace National’s experienced Occupational Therapists can assess and advise on a person’s functional performance in the areas of personal self-care and general activities in and around the home. An ADL Assessment determines the level and type of assistance the person requires in order to live as independently as possible.  The assessment also provides recommendations relating to equipment and home modifications.