Critical Incident Response Coordination and Assessment

Responsiveness to incidents as and when they occur is critical for any employer. In the Disability sector or for employers of people with disability the need to respond quickly and effectively is paramount.

Pace National has a keen understanding and background in working with people with disability and understands the often intricate relationship between employees, residents, staff, carers and family members.

Critical Incident Management is an approach to managing individual and group responses to a traumatic event. It involves exploring, in a non-directive manner, a person’s reactions to the incident and educating them as to common emotional, physiological and behavioural reactions to traumatic events.

Pace National employs an evidence based approach to Critical Incident Management. Our psychologists respond quickly following a traumatic event to provide support to your employees and clients, helping them cope with the effects of the incident. Workers are educated on the type of responses they may have to the event and recommended strategies to manage stress including: expressing feelings about what has happened; accessing support that is available for example: family, friends, company EAP; relaxation; exercise; rest. Occasionally, individual debriefing or counselling may also be recommended.

Pace National staff have delivered Critical Incident Management to numerous employers, within both private, public and the Disability sector. Services can include assessment, incident investigation of matters of a highly sensitive nature, counselling, debriefing and mediation.