Specialised Employer / Business Services

Disability Access and Inclusion Assessments – Pace National’s expert staff possess specific experience with disability access and inclusion and can assist business meet their federal and employment obligations in ensuring a high standard of access and inclusion. Assessment can include physical access compliance such as a person’s ability to enter, exit and travel around in buildings, public or private spaces as well as other access requirements including communication and media, customer service and organisational culture.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Assessments – Pace National’s experienced Occupational Therapists can assess and advise on a person’s functional performance in the areas of personal self-care and general activities in and around the home. An ADL assessment determines the level and type of assistance the person requires in order to live as independently as possible. The assessment also provides recommendations relating to equipment and home modifications. Activities of daily living, for example cleaning, can be used when developing return to work (RTW) or rehabilitation plans as a means to increasing the person’s physical capacity.

Vocational Counselling  – Vocational counselling supports and provides information to workers wanting to progress or change their career. Vocational counselling helps workers to:

  • understand their values relating to work
  • identify their work interests
  • accept the need for or desire to change from their current circumstances
  • set and focus on career goals.
  • Vocational (Career) counselling is also beneficial for organisations undergoing a re-structure, where positions may no longer be required, where career progression is needed to ensure ongoing employment or where skill gaps exist.

Critical Incident Management – is an approach to managing individual and group responses to a traumatic event. It involves exploring, in a non-directive manner, a person’s reactions to the incident and educating them as to common emotional, physiological and behavioural reactions to traumatic events. We take an evidence based approach to critical incident management. Our psychologists respond quickly following a traumatic event to provide support to your workers and help them cope with the effects of the incident. Workers are educated on the type of responses they may have to the event and recommended strategies to manage stress including: expressing feelings about what has happened; accessing support that is available eg, family, friends, company EAP; relaxation; exercise; rest. Occasionally, individual debriefing or counselling may also be recommended.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution – Pace National’s Registered Psychologists are highly experienced mediators and counsellors. Unresolved workplace grievances and conflict can result in poor productivity, absenteeism, illness and injury. It can also lead to workers compensation claims – in particular stress claims. The longer issues remain unresolved the more they cost your business, whether as a result of increased claims costs or the cost of sick leave or other leave. Pace National’s approach involves a behaviour and action plan based approach, developing commitment from both parties and implementing a consistent and responsible plan.