Employers – Can I get help setting up my injury management systems?

Your insurer is required to make you aware of your obligations under section 155B and 155C (1) and (3) of the legislation. These sections relate to establishing and implementing injury management systems and return to work programs in accordance with the Code. Your insurer has an important role in assisting you with early intervention when a work injury occurs and with the establishment of appropriate return to work programs.

Under section 155D(3) of the legislation, the obligation for you to establish and implement return to work programs may be discharged by your insurer, provided you send your insurer a request to do so. If your insurer establishes and implements return to work programs on your behalf, they must comply with the Code where you would be obliged to do so.

Insurers determine liability for workers’ compensation claims lodged by injured workers and must process claims in accordance with the legislation. They are encouraged to communicate with their insured employers to provide information regarding claims management and to confirm that appropriate return to work activities have commenced when a worker has been injured at work.

Make arrangements to regularly meet your insurer with the injured worker, or set up another means of regular communication. This can help identify and resolve problems that could interfere with an early return to work.

When discharging obligations on your behalf, your insurer should involve you in decisions that are made.

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