Employee benefits

Confidentiality – employees will likely appreciate the fact that they have a resource they can use to discuss sensitive issues in complete confidence. With an EAP, the employer is not notified when an employee uses the service, although they do receive valuable, de-identified, information in reports about the sorts of recurrent issues arising at the workplace that they should look to address.

Immediate Assistance – the employee can arrange to see a psychologist in just a few days or more immediately support can be provided where necessary.

Avoiding Escalation – Work stress can build up over a period of time and can possibly lead to conflict with other employees or even escalate. With an EAP, the employee can seek help during the early stages of a problem, which can prevent it from turning into turning into something more serious.

Personal Issues – An EAP can also help employees deal with issues outside of the workplace that can impact job performance. Many people deal with issues, including substance abuse, depression, marital strife and grief over the loss of a loved one. An EAP provides an outlet to help them resolve these issues, or at least learn to cope with them so they won’t impact job performance.