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WorkCover WA introduces Covid 19 amendments to legislation

WorkCover WA has introduced legislative changes with respect to Covid 19 as of 12 October 2020. The Amendments to the Act and associated regulations address a number of priority issues relating to the Covid 19 pandemic. These include: Establish a presumption of work-related injury for COVID-19 contracted by health care workers Discontinue the common law […]

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What is a Suitable Duties Register?

A Suitable Duties Register is an early intervention tool that documents individual job tasks within a role to assist with return to work programs following a workplace injury. The register will document the physical demands of each job task to enable full understanding of the injured workers role and subsequently create a suitable Return to […]

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What it is like to see a Psychologist?

It might be confronting to think about sitting in a room with a stranger, sharing your thoughts and feelings. You might think that the person sitting across from you is reading your mind or interpreting your body language to form an opinion about you.  Fortunately, that is not the case! A therapeutic relationship can be […]

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